miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

The Session of the Submarine´s Game

Hello everybody!!

Today´s session is prepared to revise everything what we have learnt about our city of Cartagena.

We will make some activities and we will play to the Submarine´s Game in the last minutes of the session.

  • Exercise nº 1. You will take a map of Cartagena, fill in the gaps in the first three dialogues and search the fourth place in the map. 
  • Exercise nº 2. Working in pairs, we will practise to ask and give directions to go somewhere in Cartagena, using the expressions of a chart. 
  • Exercise nº 3. We will read altogether the text about someone from Cartagena and answer some questions BEFORE and AFTER reading the text. 
  • Exercise nº 4. Homework: Write a similar text about someone with the help of a chart. 
Good luck playing the game and see you tomorow!